Elise Meredith Beattie - Fearless Painter of Contemporary Art in Mixed Media

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Artist’s Blog

Keep up with Elise Beattie’s activities, read more about projects and learn painting techniques by checking out my fearless blog. Click on the link below and be amazed!

Gallery #3 - Assorted art on canvas :

Paintings designed to make your home or office special!

p.o.box 359 Chattaroy, WA    (270)994-9377    All rights are reserved. No reproductions may be made without written permission from the artists.

Mail: artist@embart.com?subject=Elise Beattie Art Works

     “In Full Bloom” 20 x 24 framed     acrylic on canvas

“Dahlias, Dahling”- 40 x 30 framed canvas

“Spring into Action” 30 x 40

Mixed media with acrylics on a

 gallery wrap canvas

“Angel’s Trumpet” 24 x 30

 gallery wrap canvas  

“Autumn” 30 x 40 gallery wrap


“Beautiful Hatteras” 16 X 20  framed acrylics on canvas

Click to see abstract art on canvas

“Ebb Tide”  16 x 20 framed canvas

“Bon Voyage” 16 X 20  framed acrylics on canvas

Watch videos of how I paint by clicking

On my art video page.

“Elise Beattie’s artwork uses a technique called poured watercolors and acrylics. The effect holds an element of freshness in her paintings. The artist has developed a mastery over the loose medium and has tamed the liquid to her will."

  “ARTS ALIVE” written by

 Maggie Peacock