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Wednesday, July 12 to August 9, 5:30-8:30pm

SCC-Bldg 50, Rm TBD

This workshop is dedicated to artists that want to expand their knowledge of how to create paintings using  acrylic paints and tools on paper and or canvas.


PAINTING BOARDS : I recommend a  16 x 23 inch piece of “gator board” or any varnished ply wood or card/foam core “board”  etc. big enough to hold a quarter to a half sheet of paper and or canvas.

PAINTS :  “Golden” ,”Winsor & Newton”, “Daniel Smiths”, Liquitex or any other brand of quality acrylic paints. I use and recommend “Golden” Fluid acrylics but tube acrylic paints will work just fine.


Ultramarine Blue ( a purplish blue )

Phthalo Blue ( green shade)

 Scarlet Lake ( a warm red) or a Vermillion red +

Alizarin Crimson also known as Permanent Anthraquinoid Red ( a cool red) +

New Gamboge Yellow ( a warm yellow)+

Hansa Yellow ( a cool yellow) .

Titanium white

Carbon or lamp Black

1 jar Golden or Liqutex Acrylics MATTE MEDIUM

OPTIONAL - In addition, artists are welcome to bring any  other colors that attract them- such as  the  Iridescent or metallic colors , Which are beautiful to work with.

I recommend any of the Golden Acrylic products.

BRUSHES : To Wet the surface we will use a wide 1" flat brush.  

Also bring assorted sizes of “round water color brushes” I generally use sizes 8,12 &14.

A cheap 2" wide flat brush for applying gesso and Matte medium.

PALETTE : A white plastic palette with extra deep wells will do .  I like the Robert Wood Palette for watercolors and the Masterson sealed palette for acrylics. WHITE - PLASTIC OR FOAM sectional plates will also work as a cheap disposable palette.

WATER CONTAINERS: Bring 2 old jars or plastic containers for both clean water and to wash brushes in . Plus a spray bottle to spritz water and wet canvas/paper.

OPTIONAL ASSORTED  OTHER  MATERIALS : a roll of paper towels, sponges either natural or man made,  old tooth brush for splattering paint, pencils, kneaded erasers,

A Drawing type note book for collecting  thoughts, making notes and sketching ideas.

Instructor will bring an assortment of acrylic mediums, plastic wraps etc. for students to sample

RESOURCE MATERIALS :   sketches or floral photos either from magazines or personal photo images .  Pictures should be simple with uncomplicated designs and patterns , such as simple floral arrangements, individual flowers , landscapes or garden scenes e.t.c.  

PAPER : 1 Strathmore - 140 lb old press paper pad.  Size is usually 14” x 18”, but any large watercolor paper pad size works. This paper will be used for our artist’s sample techniques “book”.

CANVAS: Please bring 1 or 2+ stretched canvases to the class  for use as a finished work of arts. I recommend the sizes of 16 x 20 or 11 x 14 . Students are welcome to work on larger canvases as desired!

Instructor will demonstrate how prepare a standard canvas so that it can be used as a acrylic painting surface!


Watercolors materials list for

Fearless Painting Summer Camp for Adults-Watercolors for Beginners

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday, August 15, 17, 19th

Tuesday and Thursday: 5:30-8:30pm, SCC-Bldg 50, Rm TBD

Saturday: 9:30pam to 3pm, half hour lunch break, Manito Park

      PAINT COLORS:   I recommend using Winsor & Newton, Daniel Smith or Grumbacher  paints

Please bring in one small paint tube of each color:

Alizarin Crimson (also known as Anthraquinoid Red) – a cool red

Scarlet Lake  (a warm red)

Winsor Blue (a green shade—also known as phthalo blue) – a cool blue

French Ultramarine (a warmer blue color)

Hansa Yellow (or Lemon Yellow) – a cool yellow

New Gamboge Yellow (a warm yellow)

BRUSHES:  one size 12 round watercolor brush and one 1” wide flat brush

Bring at least one round brush to first class.

PALETTE:  1 plastic palette with large mixing areas

 or any WHITE plastic or foam plate/tray suitable for mixing paints on.

WATER CONTAINERS:  Two jars or plastic containers for water.  Bring at least one container for first class.

OTHER ITEMS:  Please bring a 4B (soft) drawing pencil and an eraser.

1 small bottle of  Windsor and Newton or Incredible Mask -“FRISKIT”, a cheap brush or applicator. Instructor will demonstrate how to use this product in first class.

All supplies will be readily available at local art supply stores such as Spokane Art Supplies.

PAPER:  Arches, Fabriano 140 lb. Cold press watercolor paper (2-3 sheets will do).  Paper comes in a size of 22 x 30”—please cut sheets into quarters (11 x 15”).  Bring two quarter sheets (11 x 15”) of Arches watercolor paper for the first and second classes and half sheet size 15 x 22 for the Saturday - Manito Painting class!

PAINTING BOARD:  I recommend a 16 x 23” piece of Gator board or any varnished plywood , foam core or heavy cardboard big enough to hold a quarter to half sheet of paper.

Bring a board to work on.


Contact the instructor by clicking on the envelope.

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