Elise Meredith Beattie - Fearless Painter of Contemporary Art in Mixed Media

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Gallery #5  Mixed media  art with paper collage


Have you been to my Saatchi Art site? You can purchase my original artwork  online here.

“RIVER WALK” 16 x 20 FRAMED poured watercolors, acrylics and collage on canvas


Remember Venice with this unique poured watercolor , acrylic and collage painting on paper. @ 20” x 28” framed in an exotic Hawaiian Koa wood frame with marbleized paper border on rag mat board.

What is collage?

Collage is a technique of composing a work of art by pasting onto a single surface a variety of assembled materials.  Check out my latest art video:  “ALL ABOUT COLLAGE”

Watch more art videos by visiting my art video page

     “Instinct” 24 x 30 mixed media  with collage on a framed canvas    


“Yadda, yadda”  FRAMED 24 x 30 poured watercolors, acrylics and collage on paper


This 17 x 22 poured water colors, acrylics and collage on watercolor paper.  

“What say you, Romeo”

17 x 22 poured watercolors and acrylics on paper.

Pet commissions welcome, please contact the artist for more information about ordering a painting of your pet